Movie rating

One of my hobbies is watching good movies. The table below shows the rating of films on a 10-point scale according to my subjective opinion, where 10 is the best grade, 1 is the worst. If you click on the name of a movie from the rating, the trailer for the corresponding movie will open.

If you want to recommend me some interesting movie to watch - you're welcome! :)

FilmGenreRelease YearRating (x out of 10)Comments
Palmeras en la nieveDrama20169Serious beautiful movie
A Perfect GetawayAction20097No comments
Kon-TikiTravels20139No comments
The Painted VeilDrama20069No comments
MoonFantasy20098No comments
PredestinationFantasy20139No comments
PKComedy20149Interesting Hindustani Comedy about alien faced with the quirks of people.
Kingsman: The Golden CircleComedy, Action20179No comments
Wind RiverDrama, Detective20169No comments
SilenceDrama, Historical20169No comments
American MadeAction20177No comments
LooperFantasy20129No comments
Seven PsychopathsDrama, Action20126No comments
The Skeleton KeyThriller20129No comments
Morte a VeneziaDrama19719No comments
Blade Runner 2049Fantasy, Action20179No comments
Fight ClubThriller, Drama19999No comments
Children of MenThriller, Drama20069Awesome movie. At some points there is an effect of presence.
John CarterFantasy, Action20128No comments
GrimsbyComedy, Action20168No comments
GambitComedy20128No comments
The Death of StalinComedy20178No comments
The Hitman's BodyguardAction, Comedy20176No comments
Taras BulbaDrama19628No comments
The LobsterDrama, Comedy20156No comments
EuroTripComedy20048No comments
Mike and Dave Need Wedding DatesComedy20168No comments
Et maintenant on va où?Drama20118No comments
The Curse of the Jade ScorpionComedy20019No comments
Seven SistersFantasy, Action20179No comments
GattacaFantasy, Drama19979No comments
The Dark TowerFantasy, Action20178No comments
Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?Comedy20148No comments
Cloud AtlasFantasy20129No comments
Jodhaa AkbarDrama, Musical20089No comments
Delhi-6Drama20097No comments
GuzaarishDrama20108No comments
LimitlessFantasy, Action20118No comments
BusanhaengThriller, Action20169No comments
ArrivalFantasy20169No comments
PassengersFantasy20169No comments
DunkirkDrama, Historical20179No comments
Hot PursuitComedy20156No comments
Sai de ke · ba lai: Tai yang qiDrama, Action201110No comments
Going to BrazilComedy20117No comments
Alien: CovenantFantasy, thriller20179No comments
Fack ju GöhteComedy20138No comments
The Shape of WaterDrama, fantasy20179No comments